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Friday, March 5, 2010

Lovely Children

Yesterday was one of "those" days. A member of our extended school "family" was killed in a horrific traffic accident. At lunch, my aide went home and found out that her father, who has been ill, had taken a turn for the worse and they wanted the family there. Another aide had to be taken home with complications of her diabetes. One of those days.
Today at recess, on Fun Friday, one of my lovely children decided to make a card for Miss Teresa, who was not back yet today. She decorated the front and went to everyone in the class explaining who it was for and why and getting them to sign it for her. She was so careful to get everyone. She was so happy to have something to give. All she asked of me was to mail it to Miss Teresa. Stevie delivered it and when Teresa got home she was so touched she had her husband call to thank me...and he could hardly talk either. Ahhh.
Another little darling comes in first thing, hugs me, looks up and says, "I'm so glad I got to come today. I love you." I love you, too, B.
Another was still thrilled with her day when she got home, singing, "I love Fun Friday, I love Fun Friday."
No wonder Jesus said to let the little children come to him.
What a great way to spend a day.
Oh, and the birds were singing this morning and the sun was out!
Thank you, Lord!


kc said...

No matter how poorly our day seems to be going, one smile from a child can turn it all around.

As parents, we certainly believe that 'our' children are the most exceptional, but because they are 'ours,' we often tend to believe that they are still babies incapable of reasoning and making important decisions.

What an eye opening and wonderful experience for a parent, or any adult, to see a child reason and decide to reach out to others in need.

They are truely amazing little people.

Donna said...

kc, I love my job for just this reason.
Today's warm fuzzy was when I called a group to the table and one of the darlings gave me a quick snuggle before sitting down to work! What is not to love about a job like this????
Thanks for reading and commenting.